Best Santa Barbara Moving And Storage Company Wishes Happy Labor Day

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Every first Monday of September, we celebrate Labor Day to honor the American labor movement and the contributions that hard working men and women of America such as yourself have made on the growth and development of this great nation.

We would like to take this opportunity to send a BIG THANK YOU to our hard working employees.  We’re extending our appreciation for your solid work ethic, professionalism, and endless hours spent helping customers. You are the reason we are successful today. Your diligence, self-motivation and dedication are a source of inspiration for the rest of the team.  Thank you once again for all your effort. ????

If you are planning to move to a new house this holiday, Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage is standing by with our team of professional movers to assist you.

Moving to a new location requires a great deal of preparation. To help make your move a success, we’ve compiled a list of tips below.

It’s not uncommon to find yourself wishing that you had done things differently every time you move. We made this list of things to do when moving into a new house to help you prepare and keep things moving efficiently and on time.

  • Create a plan. Before anything else, you need to create a sound plan to make sure that everything is in place. Moreover, having a plan in place will stop you from getting stressed out and frustrated in the coming days and weeks.

  • Decide whether you need a moving company or not. Should you do the moving all by yourself? Does it make practical sense to hire the professional services of a moving company? This is something that you need to consider carefully based on your present needs and situation.

  • Establish a schedule. Moving to a new house can be a chaotic experience and sticking to a planned schedule can help reduce anxiety levels. To ensure that everything is on time, you need to establish a schedule regarding tasks that need to be done in the course of a week to make sure that everything is prepared once the truck comes.

  • Make a budget. Making a budget is part of the moving process. Although the majority of us are not comfortable with it, creating a budget will help you save money and ensure more peace of mind.

  • Make an inventory. Make an inventory of all the stuff that you want to be moved. The inventory list  can be used once you bring in a moving company and in the event that you are looking for insurance.

  • Decide on stuff you don’t need. After you have made an inventory, the next thing would be to decide where to put all those stuff that won’t be carried in the truck. It’s possible that you can make some profit out of selling those items.

  • Get the ideal packing supplies. You need to purchase the right packing supplies for all your stuff. For instance, you will need the ideal types of boxes to cater your personal belongings such as your clothing and gadgets. Purchasing the right shapes and sizes of storage supplies is one of the most important things that you need to ensure when moving to a new house.

  • Get ready to work with a professional moving company. Hiring a moving company can be quite challenging, and setting expectations is important. Be sure that you do your homework properly and shop around for numerous estimates prior to making a decision.

  • Know what you can and can’t carry. Prior to the arrival of your moving company, it’s important that you are already aware of the things that you can and cannot put inside the truck. Hazardous things, for instance, are prohibited inside the truck and you must personally carry with you any and all vital documents.

  • Prepare yourself emotionally before you leave your neighborhood. Moving to a new place can be thrilling, but likewise sentimental. Dine at your beloved restaurant, eat that ice cream that you relish, or throw a party prior to going. Say farewell to your neighborhood and all the good memories in the best way you can.

For a moving quote, call 805-963-4493 and we’ll gladly offer our advice and cost estimate. We have a team of seasoned movers with an A+ BBB rating, standing by to assist you.  We also offer state-of-the-art storage units if you have any storage needs. Call or email to learn more about our services.

Best Santa Barbara Moving And Storage Company Wishes Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!

Casey McCann & Team

Phone: 805-963-4493

Best Santa Barbara Moving And Storage Company Wishes Happy Labor Day
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Best Santa Barbara Moving And Storage Company Wishes Happy Labor Day
Best Santa Barbara Moving And Storage Company Wishes Happy Labor Day

About Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage: Servicing Santa Barbara, Montecito, Hope Ranch, Goleta, Santa Ynez, Solvang, San Luis Obispo, Ojai, Ventura, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles, Hazelwood Allied is one of the oldest family-owned businesses in the Tri-County areas. Known as “The Careful Movers,” our Santa Barbara moving company has everything needed for residential moves and commercial moves, along with a full range of Santa Barbara storage units. Visit the website at to read testimonials about our Santa Barbara movers. “Like” our Facebook page for moving and storage tips. Call 800-541-5958 for a free moving estimate.

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