Selecting Quality Movers

Like any major life decision, you should always receive more than one opinion. Unfortunately, the moving industry is full of fraudulent or inexperienced operators.

When you speak with a moving estimator make sure you ask the following questions:

  • How long has the moving company been in business?
  • Is the moving company licensed with the Department of Transportation as well as the California Public Utilities Commission, the two regulatory bodies that oversee the moving and storage industry?
  • Is the moving company insured?  Ask to see the workman’s compensation certificate!
  • Does the moving company have an office or warehouse?  Ask to see the facilities so you can get a better idea of condition and resources by which the company operates.  Most individuals work with a cell phone only, which isn’t encouraging.
  • What is the mover’s Better Business Bureau rating?
  • Is the moving company a member of the California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA)?  Use the CMSA as an additional resource.
  • Does your mover have a Certified Moving Consultant designation through the American Moving and Storage Association?

At Hazelwood Allied we feel confident answering each of these questions.  Don’t hesitate to ask!

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