Recommended Supplies:

  • 3 Mirror Carton Cardboard Sets
  • Light blanket
  • Masonite Sheet, Cut to Size of Screen (Home Depot)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing Tape

First, if you have the original box in which your TV came, use this box to pack your TV. Typically this box has some foam blocks to support the TV in it. Use TWO people at all times when handling your TV as it can be heavy and unstable.

If you do not have the box, you may continue with the following steps. First in this situation, have your flat screen standing upright. Gather your materials to move on to the next step.



  1. Cover the screen with a light blanket
  2. Place sheet of Masonite over screen
  3. Wrap entire unit it with shrink wrap
  4. Wrap entire unit in large bubble wrap
  5. Open one end of mirror carton and insert unit
  6. Cover with 2 more layers of mirror carton for extra protection
  7. Seal with packing tape
  8. Mark “Flat Screen, Fragile” on outside of box where visible


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