Research the Moving Companies Santa Barbara Has to Offer

Hiring a Santa Barbara moving company takes a little bit of time and research. You need to take the time to compare moving companies Santa Barbara has to offer so that you know that you are getting the best services and the most experienced movers that are available. Moving and storage is a very unique business, and only the companies who have years of experience deserve your time and money when you choose to hire movers to help with your relocation needs. Here are some things to look for when comparing moving companies Santa Barbara has to offer:

-Length of business operation: a moving company should have years of experience in moving and storage to be considered for your needs. New companies do deserve a chance, but you will always find better service with experienced professionals who know the industry inside and out.

-Ownership of the business: Is the company family owned or corporate owned? Generally speaking, this will be a matter of personal preference for you, but corporate companies can often give you more peace of mind and security because they have made a name for themselves as a professional. Of course, getting corporate moving services from a family owned agency can give you the best of both worlds. If the company doesn’t deliver the services like they promise, who is accountable?

-Better Business Bureau ratings: Companies should be rated with the BBB, and their rating should be an A+. You don’t deserve anything less than the best from Santa Barbara movers, and this is one way to guarantee that you are getting exactly that.

-Referrals and references: When comparing moving companies Santa Barbara has to offer, you need to make sure that you get references or referrals from previous customers, business associates, or regulating associations. Anyone who will give you an opinion of the experience that they have had with the Santa Barbara movers that you are considering is going to be an asset to your decision. Ask the company directly for referrals. They should be more than happy to give them.

These are important things that you need to look for when you are comparing moving companies Santa Barbara has to offer. You need to allow time for researching and be certain to ask any and all questions that you may have so that you can choose the best moving company for your needs. If you don’t ask questions, you can’t know which mover is the top moving company to work with.

About The Author:  Since 1918, Casey McCann and Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage have relocated thousands of customers locally in Santa Barbara and throughout California.   Hazelwood Allied consists of a team of quality movers that truly care for your household goods.  Headquartered in Carpinteria, they specialize in moving Santa Barbara and the surrounding cities.

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Burt Y.

Hazelwood Allied moving company is the oldest, and most trusted movers in Santa Barbara.  In addition to small moves, they have become known for moving high value art and electronics.  If you need it done right the first time, and can’t afford to have any mistakes, then call Hazelwood Allied, they will take care of you! They also have excellent storage facility!

Steve W.

Hazelwood Transfer & Storage is a long-time member of the California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA) and a company that CMSA would be confident to recommend to consumers looking to choose a quality mover in the Greater Santa Barbara area. One of the core values of the CMSA is to help consumers make good choices in the selection of a mover.

Carlos L.

I have used Hazelwood Allied twice in the last two years to move in the Santa Barbara area.  We have been beyond impressed each time by the level of friendliness, professionalism and efficiency of the crew.  We literally have zero complaints or even the slightest of recommendations on how they could have operated any better.  Casey’s team is as good as it gets!