Happy Mother’s Day From Santa Barbara Moving Company

Help Mom move this Mother’s Day with the oldest movers in Santa Barbara

May can be a busy time of year for moms. School is letting out soon, the yard needs to be cleaned up for summer, and vacations need to be planned. If your family is moving this summer, that adds even more stress for mom. Luckily Mother’s Day gives us all a good excuse to help out and make mom’s life easier. There are many gifts your mom will appreciate more than a last-minute card. Here are some suggestions of things you can do to help out mom from Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage and the McCann family:

  • Spend Some Time Helping Out: Do some of the heavy lifting for mom. Volunteer to clean out the attic, basement or garage, or bring all the winter items over to McCann Mini Storage to get them out of her way. While you’re here, pick up the patio furniture that has been in storage and take it back to the house. Clean it off and set it up so mom will have a place to relax while you make dinner!
  • Get Involved With the Move: If your family or parents are moving this summer, don’t make mom do all of the work. Ask if she needs any help planning the move or notifying people of the new address, or find out if you can request moving estimates for her.
  • Packing as a Family Affair: Help mom think about what can be packed now, and then come on over to Hazelwood Allied to pick up some moving supplies. From individual moving boxes to entire moving kits, we have the moving supplies you need to help get packed and ready to move. Our moving boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and purposes. Don’t forget to clearly label the boxes to make things easier on moving day.

If you are relocating an older mother, Casey McCann has received the Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist (CRTS) designation, which means he has special education and qualifications in late life home transitions such as moving, downsizing or aging in place. Casey will be happy to help with any issues like senior housing, medical, mental conditions and liability issues to make the transition easier for you and your mom.

Happy Mother’s Day From Santa Barbara Moving Company

Happy Mother’s Day from the McCann family to yours!

About Hazelwood Moving and Storage – Customers refer to Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage as one of the most professional self-storage and moving companies Santa Barbara has to offer. Santa Barbara businesses and home owners rely on the full-service relocation company to handle everything from family heirlooms to rugged business equipment. Owned by the McCann family for over 41 years, the nationwide movers maintain a commitment to quality and customer service. When using these quality movers Santa Barbara customers can sit back and let Hazelwood carry the load. Visit the websiteand Facebook page or call 800-541-5958 for more information or to schedule a complimentary move analysis.ShareThis


Jun 23, 2014 Lily Smith

Mother’s Day does give us a chance to show our moms how appreciated they are. It’s a great thing that a Santa Barbara moving company like Hazelwood Allied can take the load off of moms who, probably, are the most stressed when it comes to relocating the family.

Great tips, by the way. Aside from getting mom efficient help, it also pays to be physically there in times of need.

Jul 24, 2014 Greg Bryant

Most often than not, moms are the busiest when the family moves. Aside from the mental drag of all the decision-making, worrying, and planning; moving takes its toll physically and emotionally too. To sum it up, moving can be very stressful.
Good thing you can save your mom or your wife from all the hassles and stress.

The oldest movers in Santa Barbara does the hard work for moms. And with moms and wives happier, your family’s life will be better and the transition will be easier for everyone. Thank God for Hazelwood Allied.

Jul 28, 2014 Jerry A.

It is already given that moms usually get involve with the move. However, dad and the kids should also take part by packing their own things and helping mom afterwards. Moving companies such as Hazelwood Allied is a great help to minimize stress during the moving process as the staff are equipped with knowledge and skills to make everything easier.

Sep 01, 2014 H.M.

@Greg Bryant: The “oldest movers in Santa Barbara” got me! One of the things I learned from my mom is that there is a story of continuing credibility with long-standing and enduring businesses. And this became one of the most important buying philosophy that I adhere to, even up to today… when shopping for anything or looking for the best moving company Santa Barbara has to offer, it pays to consider experience.

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