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Learn some of the basic questions to ask an agent when you are getting a quote for your move.

It’s important to shop around and compare prices before signing a contract with a moving company, but it’s more complicated than just asking, “What do you charge?” Different moving companies have different methods of charging for their services, so it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re paying before you sign on the dotted line. That said, here are the five questions you should always ask before hiring a moving company:

1) What Do You Consider Extra Services, and How Much Do You Charge?

Don’t assume that everything you need is automatically included in the contract you’re signing. Examples of extra services can include long carry fees, shuttle services, storage-in-transit fees, furniture disassembly and reassembly fees, etc.  Go over everything they offer and everything you need to make sure your needs are covered. If anything you need is not included in the contract, ask how much it would cost to add it, and make sure to do this with every moving company you’re considering hiring so you can effectively compare prices. No one likes getting surprise charges on their bill.

2) What Valuation of Goods Do You Offer and What Does It Cover?

Accidental damage can happen during a move, and valuation can help cover the cost of repairing or replacing damaged items. The lowest cost valuation package at most moving companies pays a flat rate per pound for damaged items, so it’s a good idea to set up an example to moving companies. Ask how much each of the valuation packages would pay for a damaged piece of furniture that cost a thousand dollars and weighs 25 pounds.

3) Is This a Binding Estimate?

You should always get an on-site estimate because a moving company estimator can see your belongings and estimate their weight and the number of boxes more accurately than you can. But a non-binding estimate could mean you get hit with additional costs. Request a written, binding estimate to help ensure that your rate doesn’t exceed the quoted rate. A binding estimate should include all charges, and also specify the payment method and the agreed-upon dates of your move.

4) Do You Offer Discounts?

It never hurts to ask if there are discounts available. Some movers offer discounts to veterans, members of professional or social organizations, and to seniors. Also ask if there’s a discount for paying in cash as opposed to with a credit card.

5) How Does Payment Work?

The first thing you need to know is whether you need to put down a deposit.  Many moving companies will require a percentage of the total bill, often no more than 20%, to be paid upon loading with the rest due after the job has been completed. Don’t just assume you won’t have to pay anything until the job is done.

You’ll also need to know what payment methods they accept. Most companies accept credit cards, but some may still require a check or cash. If you’re paying by check, find out whether a personal check will be accepted, or whether you need a cashier’s check.

Getting a quote from us is as easy as providing your moving details and a phone number, but we encourage everyone to reach out and ask as many questions as they’d like. We want you to feel completely comfortable with your choice of moving company.

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