5 x 5:      Small Closet: Clothes, personal items–i.e. boxes, skis, tools, etc.

5 x 10:    Bathroom / 1-2 Room Apartment–sofa, beds dressers, table & chairs, TV, boxes, misc.

10 x 10:  Small Bedroom or Small Rental Truck–2 Bedroom Home–sofa, beds, dressers, table & chairs, etc.

10 x 20:  One Car Garage or Large Rental Truck–3 Bedroom Home

10 x 30:  Large Moving Van or Semi Truck–5-7 Room House

To help the tenant

— Can you stand your couch on end? This will take up less room.
— Do you have a wall unit, coffee or end tables?
— Will you have a TV or Stereo?  Be sure to properly cover those items against dust.
— Will you have a dining room table & chairs? Can the legs come off the table? How about a hutch or buffet?
— Major appliances?  How many boxes will you have?

Determine the proper size they will need, ask quesitons and advise, such as:



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