3 Questions to Ask When Researching Nationwide Movers

Hiring nationwide movers can seem like a challenging task because there are a lot of things to check into before you can trust that a company will provide you with the services that you need and deserve. In order to find the best full service moving company, you need to make sure that you ask the right questions and search for the right details about moving services when you are getting moving quotes and researching companies. When you are evaluating different nationwide moving companies, there are three questions that can make your search much easier:

What referrals can the movers provide?

Ask them for referrals or references because those will truly tell you the story of how successful they will be in helping you. Make sure that you choose a moving company who can give you references or referrals that are going to stand out and prove that they are the best company to transport your belongings when you are making a national move.

Do they have any recommendations from the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) or CMSA (California Moving and Storage Association)?

Your nationwide movers should be able to show their relationship with these two different groups, whether that is through certificates of excellence or other recommendations. Without acknowledgement from a professional resource like this, you can’t really trust that a company is going to be the best.

Do movers have any recommendations from the BBB?

The moving company should be able to tell you their BBB rating and give you information about how they are ranked and what the Better Business Bureau has to say about their business. The best moving companies will start to come out when you ask for BBB recommendations or ratings, making your selection easier than you might realize.

Choosing nationwide movers can be a challenge. Local moving companies are generally easy to find because they don’t have to be licensed or recommended by more than one state, but commercial moving services that offer nationwide relocation have to be approved on other levels to take their business across state lines. As long as you ask these three questions of any nationwide movers that you consider hiring, it should be fairly simple to find the ideal nationwide moving company for your needs. If you jump into the search unprepared and hire the first company that you find, you might get lucky. However, if you take the time to ask questions and do your homework, you can guarantee that you will get a qualified moving service.

About The Author:  Since 1918, Casey McCann and Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage have relocated thousands of customers locally in Santa Barbara and throughout California.   Hazelwood Allied consists of a team of quality movers that truly care for your household goods.  Headquartered in Carpinteria, they specialize in moving Santa Barbara and the surrounding cities.