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Happy Father's Day from your Santa Barbara movers!

By Hazelwood Moving and Storage on Jun 17, 2016 at 09:00 PM in Helpful Articles

Dear Friends,

Happy Father's Day from Hazelwood Allied!
At Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage, we know that Father’s Day is an important day. We’re a family-owned and operated Santa Barbara moving company, and we’re proud to have our son, Casey, involved in the business with us. Although most people primarily know us as a moving company in Santa Barbara, they might not know that we also have a Santa Barbara self-storage company.
McCann Mini Storage has served thousands of customers in Santa Barbara County.  Located in a safe residential neighborhood right next to Santa Claus Lane off the 101 Freeway, our Santa Barbara storage units provide convenient and secure self-storage. We have over 400 units ranging in size from 5’x6’ to 20’x20’ and can accommodate any short or long-term storage needs you may have. Plus if you need us to help you transport your items from storage, our Santa Barbara movers are right next door! 
People have kept some interesting items in our Santa Barbara storage facility, and that’s why we like to watch some of the shows on TV where they open abandoned units and look for great finds. We’re not sure that anyone has anything like the items below in our units, but we’re sure you and your dad will get a laugh out of seeing what some people decide to put in storage: 

  • The coolest car ever! Imagine buying the contents of an abandoned storage unit, only to find out that it contained one of the James Bond submarine cars from The Spy Who Loved Me! The lucky buyer eventually sold the car for $1 million!
  • Elvis was in the building: Although we often look askance at someone who collects stacks of old newspapers, one forward-thinking collector kept a huge cache of newspapers from August 16, 1977, the day Elvis Presley died. They were still in great condition and eventually sold for $90,000!
  • Real pirate’s booty: This treasure hunt was no joke. A foreclosed locker gave up a veritable treasure chest full of pirate’s booty that turned out to be over 200 years old. An investment of $1000 in paper money yielded gold and silver coins and bars worth half a million dollars!
  • Guy Fieri’s stolen car: Can you imagine having someone steal your $250,000 Lamborghini? That’s what happened to famed chef, Guy Fieri. The vehicle was eventually recovered in a Point Richmond storage unit.

No matter what you have to store, call Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage at 800-541-5958 and ask about our Santa Barbara self-storage facilities.

Below are a few fun ideas for Father's Day weekend!

Sammy’s wine tours is a great idea for spending quality time with dad this weekend. Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez are home to some of the best wineries in California. 

Max's Restaurant: Treat dear old dad to the best breakfast in town! For over 30 years, Max's Restaurant, located at 3514 State Street, Santa Barbara, in the Upper State St. area, has earned a reputation for the best breakfast in town.    

Happy Father’s Day from your careful Santa Barbara movers!

John McCann

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So cool! The Santa Barbara storage facility is really a great hiding place - not only of home and office things that tend to add up and clutter. I'm sure there are also epic residential moves and commercial moves stories.

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