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Why Your Mom Wants To Retire In Santa Barbara

By Hazelwood Moving and Storage on May 08, 2016 at 08:05 PM in Helpful Articles

Happy Mother's Day, Everyone! 

Mother's Day is one of those holidays that transcends cultural and political differences. EVERYBODY loves to celebrate their Mother. It's the one time of the year when mom doesn't have to cook and everyone takes turns rubbing her feet, and listening to why she wants to retire in Santa Barbara, CA.  :) 

Hopefully all of our readers are enjoying the weather with their families, having fun outdoors in parks or lounging on beaches. Surely, in a city as beautiful as Santa Barbara you can find something to do with your family that doesn't involve buying anything! 

Just like every other city in the United States, Santa Barbara has its own attitude. There's plenty of space for people to be healthy, plenty of room to explore, and lots of opportunities to grow. As you contemplate moving out to sunny Santa Barbara, I'll take this time to provide you with some valuable tips and tricks for fitting in with the locals.
1. In Santa Barbara, we practically live by the beach.  

People are more active, eat more veggies, and are more health conscious. We also take our vitamin D and B-12 seriously because we see over 300 days of sun a year. Crowds are everywhere, walking over East Beach. Some people are working out, and others just soak up the sun, but practically everyone is out on the beach. Everyone is enjoying the sunshine, playing volleyball, or using a paddle board.  Unlike many other destinations where you could spend vacations, the beach is pretty much a hot-spot year round. Even during the winter, the beach is full of surfers, sunbathers, and bikinis. 


2. Guacamole was invented here, and we take it pretty seriously. 

It's no lie- Judge R.B. Ord brought avocado trees with him from Mexico. Soon afterwords, people began to eat more and more avocados. Eventually, we created the dip we know and love today (as guacamole). If you're looking for opportunities for great cuisine, you're sure to find them here in Santa Barbara. 


3. Wine-tasting is how we unwind in Santa Barbara. 

Santa Barbara county has some of the best wine tasting tours in the state. If you visit downtown, you'll find a wide variety of wineries offering rare and robust wine collections, and they're all within walking distance of each other. Here in Santa Barbara, we call it the Urban Wine Trail.

4. Santa Barbara is one of the best places in California to take a hike

Many people forget that California is nestled between several natural mountain ranges and the Pacific ocean. The Los Padres National Forest expands over thousands of acres of pristine hiking ranges and camping opportunities, great for a weekend away from all of the hustle and bustle. 

5. Santa Barbara is the location of the first ever Earth Day. 

People in Santa Barbara are crazy about the environment, and for good reason. Back in 1969, Santa Barbara had become famous for a huge oil spill that poisoned the land and completely changed the way that people looked at the Earth. Since then, we've been celebrating earth day (in 1970.)   We love the earth SO MUCH that we even provide valet services for bicycles. 


6. If you want unbelievable veggies, go to State Street. 

If you're free on a Tuesday night, mosey down to State Street for one of the oldest and most iconic farmers markets in California. You'll find everything from peaches and avocados to musicians in tie-dye with dreadlocks. 


Without a doubt, Santa Barbara has some of the most diverse and colorful history in the United States. It's one of those places that just feels like home, no matter how long you've been there (even if you're just visiting), and you can always find something to do. Enjoy!

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