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Moving Company Features Three Equipment & Packaging Suppliers

By Hazelwood Moving and Storage on Nov 13, 2013 at 05:15 PM in Partner Reviews

Since 1918, Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage has relocated thousands of customers locally in Santa Barbara and throughout California. As an agent for the largest moving company in the world, Allied Van Lines, Hazelwood also specializes in national and international relocation.

Customers turn to Hazelwood Allied full-service moving company for advice regarding all of their packing, storage and transportation needs. Utilizing just the right equipment can protect precious cargo and prevent injuries to movers and warehouse personnel. The right packaging supplies help in maximizing space and keeping cargo safe from becoming damaged during transport or storage.

In an effort to ensure customers have access to current information about equipment and packaging suppliers, the Santa Barbara storage and moving company reviewed several local industry professionals. The quality movers wanted to make sure that any suppliers which work with its customers have the highest degree of professionalism and customer service.

The final selections were based on reputation in the industry, customer satisfaction, and range of options offered. These equipment and packaging suppliers are all dedicated to providing the products needed to safely package, store and transport even the toughest of items.

After thorough consideration, Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage chose the following as the top three equipment and packaging suppliers: Pioneer Packaging in Santa Ana, New Haven Moving Equipment, and CDS Moving Equipment. If you are looking for equipment or packaging supplies to protect or transport your products, consider the following companies.

Pioneer Packaging, Santa Ana - Equipment and Packaging Suppliers

Pioneer Packaging, Santa Ana - Equipment and Packaging Suppliers

Pioneer Packaging is a premier packaging provider which specializes in moving and storage supplies, industrial packaging, wine packaging, agriculture and food packaging, packaging machinery and fulfillment services. From design to delivery, Pioneer partners with its customers to find the most cost-efficient solutions for presenting, protecting and shipping products. They offer stock and custom packaging ranging from corrugated boxes and molded foam to chipboard and poly products. Pioneer also sells and leases a variety of machinery designed to improve productivity. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 714-540-9751 in Santa Ana for more information.

New Haven Moving Equipment - Equipment and Packaging Suppliers

New Haven Moving Equipment - Equipment and Packaging Suppliers

New Haven Moving Equipment is a manufacturer and supplier of carts, dollies, appliance trucks and thousands of products that pack, protect, load, roll, lift and store. New Haven also sells the finest quality corrugated and packaging materials for the moving and storage professional. The company manufactures, sells, and rents products designed to help customers move, relocate, and store with confidence.

Visit the website and Facebook page or call 800-421-8700 for more information.

CDS Moving Equipment - Equipment and Packaging Suppliers

CDS Moving Equipment - Equipment and Packaging Suppliers

CDS Moving Equipment carries a full line of packing material, equipment and supplies for the professional mover. It is a business to business supplier of moving equipment and packing material which carries a full array of professional equipment and supplies for moving, warehouse and trucking needs. Since its beginnings in 1981, the company has grown to become a nationwide supplier of a full line of cartons for the moving and storage and self- storage industry. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 800-439-3934 for more information.

Finding professional equipment and packaging suppliers can be a challenge.

As quality movers that provide a nationwide service to customers who are moving everything from homes to businesses, Hazelwood Allied Moving & Storage knows that finding professional equipment and packaging suppliers can sometimes be a challenge. This review aims to save clients who are involved in a move across Santa Barbara or across the country from the time and effort of researching equipment and packaging suppliers. We hope this information helps you make an informed decision when it comes to finding suppliers to meet your packing and storage needs.

About Hazelwood Moving and Storage - Customers refer to Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage as one of the most professional moving companies Santa Barbara has to offer. Businesses and home owners rely on the full-service relocation company to handle everything from family heirlooms to rugged business equipment. Find out more information about their Santa Barbara self storage options by visiting the website and Facebook page or call 800-541-5958 for advice on storage units in Santa Barbara.


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It is really a great challenge. You must have a thorough understanding about this moving and moving-related businesses. it's not that easy. it requires time, effort and money. But somehow, it's easier nowadays due to loads of available information on the worldwide web.

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For me, it is best if the homeowners pack their things themselves if they have time to do so. This enables them to fully secure the materials to be moved, especially the fragile ones. I am thankful that Hazelwood Allied shared the three companies mentioned above because it helps in narrowing down the best companies offering moving and storage supplies.

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H. Powell

I couldn't have listed a better lot of equipment and packaging suppliers. Pioneer Packaging in Santa Ana, New Haven Moving Equipment, and CDS Moving Equipment are great suppliers to keep in anybody's shortlist. True that these supplies are crucial to maximize whatever space you have in the cargo as well as keep everything safe from any damage throughout the transportation and/or storage. Thanks Hazelwood Allied for sharing this.

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Miles Kaden

Sometimes it is very hard to find good content on this topic. The valuable information on moving company packaging suppliers you provide in your articles.Thanks for posting something worth reading. Great work.


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