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Santa Barbara Moving Company Answers 15 Common Moving Questions

By Hazelwood Moving and Storage on Apr 25, 2013 at 01:04 AM in Helpful Articles

Hazelwood Allied is Santa Barbara’s full-service movers. Through the years, Hazelwood Allied has moved residents and companies across town and across the country. They maintain a full fleet of clean, moving vans and trucks and operate 5 warehouses in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria. As nationwide movers, Hazelwood Allied can assist in your relocation from anywhere in the United States.

Hazelwood Allied has repeatedly seen how use of quality movers can greatly help reduce the stress of any move. Knowing what to expect and when will have you better prepared, save you time and money, and ultimately make your move easier. That is why Hazelwood Allied has put together this list of 15 questions to consider before your Santa Barbara relocation.

1. When should I start planning?

You should select and contract with your moving company at least two weeks in advance. You will want to begin organizing your plans well ahead of that. It is a good idea to start with your moving date and plan backwards.

2. How should I budget for relocation?

Your movers will be just a part of your relocation budget. You should consider final utility bills at your previous location, utility deposits at your new location, moving materials, gasoline, carpet runners or drop cloths to protect flooring, and cleaning materials.

3.  Who will do the packing?

Who packs your belongings in boxes will be dependent on the type of moving service you select. Self-packing will save you a considerably amount of money but it is also a time consuming task. Paying extra to have your moving company pack can certainly make things easier for you.

4.  If I decide to self-pack, where is the best place to get materials for the job?

Most moving and storage companies offer packing materials like padded blankets, hand trucks and boxes. You can always acquire boxes from a department or grocery store. These stores generally break down their boxes soon after use so you will want to have packing tape on hand to rebuild them.

5.  How can I be properly organized before the move?

Creating a calendar and using lists will help you stay on track with your move. Use your calendar to keep up with your longer term goals, and use lists to keep you on target daily. Remember, lack of preparation is the biggest reason that moves go over budget so getting organized is key.

6. How should I best prepare for the arrival of the moving truck?

Decide ahead of time where the best place the truck should park at pick-up and delivery. Choose an area with ample room. If the truck needs to be parked on the street make sure to reserve the space with traffic cones or your personal vehicle(s) in advance.

7.  Are my household items covered for loss or damage by my homeowners’ or renters’ policy?

It is possible they will be covered but you will want to verify with your insurance carrier. Ask specifically if they will be covered during the actual move.

8. What are my options for coverage with the relocation company?

You will be covered by what is called “released value” by your moving company. Released value offers minimal coverage based on a per pound formula. You can also choose full value protection at an additional cost from your mover. This will cover replacement value for you items.

9. Do I need to be present during the entire move?

If you have a relocation company pack up your items you will likely want to be available to answer questions and to help direct them. If you have self-packed ahead of time it may be easier for you to get away. In either case, it is not a necessity to be present for the entire duration of the move.

10. How long should I expect packing to take?

If you are self- packing, plan on a busy 5 days or more. If your movers are performing the task, two professionals can get you packed up in a single day…if you are organized.

11. How long will my move take to complete?

Nationwide moves could take a week or more. Keep in mind that just because all of your belongings are moved doesn’t mean you are done. Days, if not weeks, of unpacking and sorting will follow. A Santa Barbara storage company may be of help.

12. Should I complete a walk-through with the moving crew at the beginning and end of the move?

A walk through is highly recommended. Movers should know your expectations at the beginning of the move. You will also want to sign off that the job is done to your satisfaction at the end.

13. What do I do with all of the empty cardboard boxes when my move is complete?

The best thing is to flatten them and bundle them together. Santa Barbara has a good recycling program so you will likely want to have them recycled.

14.  Will the movers hookup my washer, dryer and refrigerator?

You can request these services from your relocation company. Because fixtures on older appliances can be brittle, some moving companies will avoid major appliance hook-ups due to liability reasons.

15.  Am I expected to tip the crew for their work?

If you feel the movers have done an exceptional job, the industry standard is 5% of the total bill, split between the members of the crew. A $2000 move, carried out between two movers, would result in a $50 tip for each.

Choosing quality movers and being prepared are the best ways to insure a smooth relocation. The team at Hazelwood Allied hope these answers will help empower you in making choices that result in your successful move.

About Hazelwood AlliedHazelwood Allied Moving and Storage is a moving company Santa Barbara has trusted since 1918. The company offers services that include local household movespackingoffice and industrial movesnational and international moves and long and short term storage. If you are looking for Oxnard movers that are consistently rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, contact Hazelwood Allied. You can also visit their website at http://HazelwoodAllied.com. For a no obligation, no cost moving assessment call 805-963-4493.

About Hazelwood Alled Moving and Storage: Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage is one of the finest self-storage and moving companies Santa Barbara has to offer. Santa Barbara home owners and businesses turn to this full-service relocation company to handle everything from their family heirlooms to rugged business equipment. Owned by the McCann family for over 41 years, these nationwide movers maintain a commitment to quality and customer service. With this professional moving company on their side,Santa Barbara homeowners can sit back, relax and let Hazelwood Allied carry the load. Visit their website and Facebook page or call800-541-5958 to schedule a complementary move analysis.


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